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Duty and Compassion

22 March 2021

The Duty and Compassion webinar inaugurated the Year of the Ładoś Group established by the Polish Parliament, and was also part of the celebration of the National Day of Remembrance of Poles Rescuing Jews under German Occupation. The meeting featured an international panel of experts, journalists reporting on the subject and descendants of the Survivors, who discussed historians’ latest findings and future research perspectives. An analysis of individual operations aimed at rescuing Jews, which were undertaken by Polish diplomats in various circumstances and in different parts of the world, provided an opportunity for a general reflection on the role of diplomacy when confronted with genocidal policies.


Part I. Passports for life

Wojciech Kozłowski, Pilecki Institute

Presentation of the website
Anna Miszczyk, Pilecki Institute

The Voice of Survivors
Chris Pleasance (“Daily Mail”) interviews Heidi Fishman – daughter of the Holocaust Survivor Ruth “Tutti” Fishman née Lichtenstern


Part II. Wartime Diplomacy. How Governments Responded to the Holocaust (roundtable)

Jakub Kumoch, Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Turkey

Kinga Czechowska, Nicolaus Copernicus University
John Cornell, Pilecki Institute
Marek Kornat, Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Mordecai Paldiel, Yeshiva University and Touro College in New York


Part III. Secret Diplomacy. Diverse Ways to Rescue Jews

Hanna Radziejowska, Pilecki Institute

Olga Barbasiewicz, Institute of Middle and Far East of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków
Eldad Beck, “Israel Hayom”
Bernd Karwen, Polish Institute in Berlin – Leipzig Branch
Monika Maniewska, Pilecki Institute