The Angel of Istanbul

16 December 2020

On 16 December 2020, an online discussion titled “The Angel of Istanbul” took place. It was dedicated to Wojciech Rychlewicz, the Consul General in Istanbul. Rychlewicz issued false documents proving the Christian roots of Jews, which allowed them to reach the Americas and Palestine. Due to the type and nature of this aid, the activities of the Ładoś Group were also discussed. The meeting was chaired by Hanna Radziejowska, the head of the Berlin branch of the Pilecki Institute. The discussion was attended by Eldad Beck, a journalist for “Israel Hayom”, the discoverer of the topic, Anna Whitty, the granddaughter of Wojciech Rychlewicz living in London, and Monika Maniewska, co-author of The Ładoś List and researcher of the Ładoś Group’s activities in Switzerland.